May 6, 2008

Drive Yaks,china – “赶路” -速写淡彩


今天是画展最后一天.曲终人散,如今一拍而散.这一次速写淡彩画展,群体合作得不愉快,因私与利.由前暂子曾答应朋友协助一幅油画稿描写雪山归途.临时灵感马上就画以上这一幅赶路水彩贡他参老.这幅作品,是用二十年旧水彩纸画(French Arches – 150gsm).这幅采用速写淡彩的画法,简单潇洒,与洒脱.这幅作品由于这次画展给我很不愉快的心情,把恶烈心情发泄在这图画中去.这幅作品今早只化半小时就发泄出来压在内心的怨恨,好爽快,完成这幅简快作品.

i should said, so far no matter a solo or join venture exhibition, today the last day of the “Travelogue Sketches” exhibition, is the most unhappy one. Not because the exhibition doesn’t a success bell, yet its because this exhibition someone whom who for his own selfness approach purposes, that ruin the whole event, and even making the other members also got into a bad  moody as well. In order to frustrate myself in bad moody feeling, so splash myself into the watercolour paper, express my feeling into my work, therefore its comes out with a good result. This frustrated painting, its doesn’t take much time to splash, only five minutes work completed. Ha…Ha…Ha…!!!


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