May 7, 2008

Miao Girl, China – 水彩画-苗女


“苗女”水彩画.我是用French Arches水彩纸.这水彩纸是我二十多年前买的,保存非常好,不会变质也不会起黄点,也是它的优点.这幅作品是我和新加坡水彩画家 -冯庭坤兄一起到凤凰镇写生后迸入贵州回来后所创作出”苗女”作品来.水彩画-苗女“苗女”也是我的精品之一.创作这幅画时,确实是遇上技述问题来.一幅好作品都是是经过一番仔细细心来经营才能产生精品.为了要完成精品来,也化我一个短暂时间去思考和参考了解苗族生活习贯和其文化背景,尤其是头徽,那亮晶晶的晶片,确实考倒我如何去表现,这一点就是考验一个画家技术功夫,如何去表现它的亮晶晶一面.又如何表现出头戴沉重的头徽.确实不易去表现.又如何去解化片片的晶片画出来像头徽.最后决定采用水墨画法利用背景沉重色调来把主题突出,这就是有学过中国水墨画的优点,中西运用.


“Miao girl” – the watercolour work i painted, i used the French Arches (150gsm) old paper, its more than 20 yrs history, still give a perfect result of  the watercolour expression. The “Miao girl”, during the time travelling with my artist friend- Pang Teng Khoon and my colleague photography friend as well, together on way to China, Fenghuang zhen, making  a cutshort route into Guizhou. During the stay in Guizhou, we enhancing for the Miao tribes. After the stay on the return to my hometown, Singapore, i started to make images of the Miao with sketches, intend to create and to paint a good composition of this subject. Knowing and understand, wanted to paint this subject is also not an easy job. A simple the sparkling and jingling on the head gear is already a hardship to paint with. Makeing a lot of study, eventually, at last i archieve in working with a simple and easy way to paint with.


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